Advantanges and Disadvantage of Breastfeeding

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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Health Advantage and Disadvantage of Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding for Infant and Mother

When deciding the method of feeding one’s infant, one wants to know the health advantages and disadvantage of both breastfeeding and formula fed. Ideally breastfeeding suits the infancy needs but also is healthy for the mother as well. Breast milk provides the best nutrition available for one’s infant. Breast milk delivers the proper balance of fat and protein and fats contain within breast milk is perfect for a swiftly myelination nervous system (Berk, Chapter Chapter 4,  2010). The milk also contains iron, which is much easier to absorb with the baby’s system. Breast milk also protects against many diseases and lowers the risk of leukemia, MS, and heart disease. When breastfeed the mother transfers antibodies and other infection fighting components and with that it enriches functioning of the immune system, which results in fewer ear infections and colds (Berk, Chapter Chapter 4,  2010). Not only that but also breastfeeding ensured healthy physical growth. In fact the first couple months of breastfeeding the infant adds more weight and length than bottle-fed infants. Also breastfeeding protects against damaged jaw development and tooth decay because sucking on the mother’s nipple helps avoid the upper and lower jaws to not meet correctly (Berk, Chapter Chapter 4,  2010). One better advantages of breastfeeding is on hand and does not cost money. Being said those living in poverty or third world countries can help one’s infant survive a little easier. It also increases the space between children that is a major factor in reducing infant and childhood deaths in national with widespread poverty (Berk, Chapter Chapter 4,  2010).

As for the mothers health and wellness breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer. Breastfeeding also helps lose weight fast because the entire calories one is losing through feeding. Be, less...
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