Advantages of a female prime minister in the Bahamas

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  • Published: November 12, 2013
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Professor Walkes
English 119
May 29th, 2013

The Advantages of a Female Prime Minister in The Bahamas.
Imagine The Bahamas, landscaped with over 700 hundred breathtakingly picture- perfect islands governed, lead by a female prime minister. Yes, a smart, confident, strong, yet passionate, sensitive soul who is leading this chain of islands forward, upward, onward, and with Bahamians, together. In the past, The Bahamas and from a global perspective, the male was always portrayed as the more dominant gender. Physically? Yes. Leadership? Maybe, but the truth is historically women and men in the Bahamas were not always equal economically and socially. Over the years a common question posed was, “Can a woman someday become the prime minister of the Bahamas?”. The answer is yes! While generalizations can be dangerously fallacious, it is with no doubt that women Prime Ministers can achieve more than men. Also women have already surpassed men academically and their leadership qualities are evident by the amount of females in The Bahamas holding high positions for example The College of The Bahamas president Dr. Betsy Vogel Boze. According to an article "Bahamian Women Have Surpassed Their Male Counterparts in All Walks of Life," Bain noted that in The Bahamas, the ratio of females to males enrolled into the institution of higher education is three to one. In fact females would consistently outperform their male counterparts in national examinations. Consequently, a female would be deemed an excellent prime minister because of academic dominance, nurturing, as well as perseverance.

One advantage of a female prime minister is her importunate academic dominance over men. For example, when it comes to academia, females tend to outperform their male counterparts. According to Virgil, a reporter of The Tribune, reported that The Ministry of Education results of national examinations indicated that for five consecutive years, females have dominated the...
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