Advantages of Wind Energy

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Wind Energy 1

Advantages of Wind Energy
Ahmet Engin Erkan
Faculty of Civil Engineering

English 201
Mr. Lieberman
November 26, 2009

Wind Energy 2

Advantages of wind energy
Thesis : Wind energy, which has a rapidly increasing use around the globe, is advantageous because it is friendly to environment, good for economy and readily available around the world.

I. Friendly to environment
A.Producing no contamination
B.Having pollution free electricity
C.Setting up wind turbines
D.Having no gas emissions
E.Being non-dirty source
F.Hard to get dispersed
G. Helping in decrement of gases
II.Good for Economy
A. Being inexpensive
B. Being non-expensive source
C.Believing to be cheapest
D.Providing economic progress
E.Freshening the economy
F.Increasing local tax base
G. Corresponding the need of electricity
H. Having minute “footprint” on field.
I. Decreasing “hidden costs”.
J. Removing concerns.

Wind Energy 3
III. Being available around the globe
A.Being used by many countries
B.Contributing the independence
C. Being already competitive
D.Having no impact such accident
E.Being accessible
F.Having support of authority
G. Being generated almost everywhere.

Wind Energy 4

In ancient times wind energy was used for mills which shows that people were aware of the power of wind energy. As explained in the article “Advantages of Wind Energy” the wind mills are still being used as the best way to solve the energy problem leading which all the people of faraway villages use the low light generated by wind energy when it is late. (2009 June, para. 7). After scientists realized that wind energy can be converted to electrical energy to circulate electricity widely, wind energy became popular in all over the world. Today, wind turbines are being used to produce electrical energy from wind energy. A wind turbine is a machine which has wings turning with wind in order to convert wind energy to electrical energy by use of an electric generator. As stated in the article "It is one of the largest forms of green energy in the world today" (“Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy”, n.d., p.1). Considering the information above, one can say that the use of wind energy will increase in the near future. Consequently, wind energy which has a rapidly increasing use , around the globe is advantageous because it is friendly to environment, good for economy and readily available around the world. One of the most significant advantageous features of wind energy is that it is a green technology. To begin with, wind energy which is being converted to electrical energy, has a lot of environmental advantages among the other energy sources. It has been asserted that another advantage of wind energy is that it produces no contamination. (“Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy”, n.d., p.1.) This makes it clear that, utilizing wind energy besides producing electricity generates no pollution. One fact is that wind’s “pollution free” electricity may contribute to bring down the amount of harm to the natural world due to energy production in the U.S and around the globe. (AWEA, n.d., p.1) In view of this information, it is obvious that wind energy must be used to produce electricity because of its Wind Energy 5

clean technology. In addition, according to Energy Information Association wind is a non-dirty source and wind power plants generates no air or water contamination since there is no source squandered to produce electricity. (n.d., p.7-8). Furthermore, as emphasized in “Advantages of Wind Energy”, one of the visible benefits of wind energy is its ruthlessly helping in the lowering of the terrible impact that has been caused by poisonous gases (2009 June, p.1.). In addition to this information, as stated in the article wind energy has no impacts such as poisonous gas emissions in the environment. (“Advantages of Wind Energy”, 2009 June,...
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