Advantages of Using Cell Phone for College Students

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Advantages of Cell Phones for College Students
Cell phones are being used wildly in colleges. College students have many reasons to consider using a cell phone, since cell phones are one of the most versatile electronics on the market. Besides the obvious communication advantages, newer cell phones have features, such as cameras and Internet access, that can help college students with all aspects of their college experience, from their studies to their social lives. There can be good that can come of students being allowed to use their cell phones during school hours, of course, they will most likely never be able to use them during class time. Today, I’m going to discuss two benefits of using cell phone for college students that are the benefits of using cell phone in communication and teaching.


Parents can keep in touch with their children during school. Sending them a text message or leaving them a voice mail when they need to tell them something that cannot wait until the end of the school day. Students can also contact their parents when they have forgotten something at home or have forgotten to tell them something. Students can also reach their friends to ask them a question about the homework if they missed an assignment or if they need notes.

In case there is an emergency (such as a school shooting), which everyone hopes will never happen at their child's school, a parent can easily be reached. Students with cell phones can reach their parents easily if something goes wrong at school, instead of all lining up to use the same phone, which could take hours depending on how many students there are. If there is an emergency, it is very important that students be able to reach a parent to let them know what is happening.

If a student has a medical problem, they can reach their parents if they do not want to go to the school nurse. If the student is in a position where they cannot get help from someone at school, they have their phone...
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