Advantages of Speaking More Than One Languages

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  • Published : June 13, 2010
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People speak more than one languages for economic, educational, and social reasons. I have been planning to take a Spanish language speaking course in a community college for quite some time because I feel a big need of it, especially whenever I have to communicate to Spanish worker for house improvement or whenever I travel or to make a positive impression on my Latin Manager. For illustration, English has become most valuable and most coveted language because it has borrowed words almost from all languages from all over the world; therefore, if anyone wants to be more valuable and successful, better he/she speaks more than one language

In todays global market there is big need to learn more than one language. Either you own a business or you do a job for someone, we still have to communicate with customer or client who may not our language.

Because of the global market, traveling, communication, and meeting to different language speaker is becoming more and more common. We are flying more than ever. Jobs in customer service industry are growing more than ever where we have to communicate with people whose business we are seeking, so it make sense to speak their language. In a few professions in California such as plumbing, construction, and movers, no technician can survive if the business owner doesn’t know Spanish because most of immigrant laborer is from Mexico who don’t know any language other than Spanish. If such business owner want to hire cheap Mexican workers, then they need to bilingual for the survival purpose. Whenever I have called cleaning services to my house, I have noticed that only the owner knows a bit of English, and rest of the crew rely upon the owner the follow the instructions in Spanish.

Educational purpose: Students are taking education at different countries either as exchange students, to learn their language, to do market research, some time to save money, and some time to see other part of the world, and experience a...
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