Advantages of Mixed Gender

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Co-education refers to a mixed schooling system, where boys and girls learn together under one single roof. A co-education school system mitigates any impartation and difference between girls and boys. They play, learn, read and write together without being discriminated by gender boundaries.

The concept of co-education was believed to be introduced by the great Greek philosopher, Plato, who believed in the concept of equality for girls. However, along with some obvious advantages, the co-education schooling systems have some disadvantages as well. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of co-education.

Advantages of Co-Education:

Healthy Competition:

One of the most obvious and natural advantages of the co-education system is that it promotes a healthy competition between boys and girls. There is always a natural tendency to compete with the opposite sex and to be held as the winner. Therefore, the co-education system is an excellent way to promote healthy rivalry, which often brings out the best of them.


For under-developed and third-world countries, there are not enough resources to spend extravagantly on the educational budget. If these countries do not follow the mixed school system’s path, they will have to build individual schools for girls only. Therefore, the co-education or the mixed school system provides an opportunity to build fewer schools – with more money spent on the quality of education.

Moreover, the co-education system also enables the school system to manage teachers with greater efficiency, since there are fewer classes to handle. Thus, the mixed schooling system is more economical when compared to a segregated schooling system.

Build Confidence:

It has been sometimes observed that students, with the background of a single-sex school, lack in confidence – whether they are boys or girls. On the other hand, co-education allows them to communicate with the opposite gender on a frequent...
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