Advantages of Learning a Second Language

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  • Published : October 22, 2010
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What are the advantages of learning a second language?
Learning a foreign language can take many months of dedication, however the venture will more than likely open the door to many opportunities. Learning a foreign language is an investment for the future that can produce many benefits whether it is for ones career, travel adventures or personal growth. Learning a second language takes time, patience and sometimes money. However, French, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese, among many others, are all languages that can provide great improvement to career, travel or intellect. The term globalisation is being used more often nowadays, with the improvement in technology that provides the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, more and more companies are working internationally. Employers are looking for a valuable employee, one that can correspond with an international partner, investor, customer, etc. The fact that one is fluent in a foreign language; it gives him the chance to be the one selected for the job. Having that one unique qualification can be a bonus in getting work and many companies will actually increase pay for those who can speak a foreign language and have used their skill towards increasing career performance. Everyone must have dreamt of going a different country for a good vacation such as to France, Egypt or Germany. A dream vacation might be even better if one knows the language of the locals. By knowing the language of the land, one can increase their travel experience by being able to explore freely. An individual who is fluent in a specific foreign language is able to speak to the local people, shop, dine and respectfully enjoy a foreign land. The traveller who knows the language of the country not only has an easier time solving everyday problems associated with travel, but also has a more pleasant experience and greater understanding both of the people of the foreign country and of their culture. Another benefit of learning a second...