Advantages of Handphone: Safety Of The Child

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With technology advancing at rapid rates and new technologies cropping up more often than hip hop artists, it is only rational that cell phones are no longer considered telecom devices only for elite people. Cell phones have attained the status of being a commodity of daily use. Right from cab drivers to big shots of the corporate world, one thing which you would find common in all is the use of mobile phone. Such has been the usage that the phones are now transcending to the level of kids as well. More and more kids around the world are craving for and demanding mobile phones; some out of curiosity, some out of the simple jealousy after seeing others have it and very few out of genuine needs. But before you heed to or reject the cries of your children, you need to weigh the pros and cos of getting your child a mobile phone. We help you explore both sides of this decision.

Advantages Of Children Having Mobile Phones

Safety Of The Child
The most prominent reason people put forward while buying cell phones for their kids is the safety of the children. Getting them a cell phone means that the child will be reachable and traceable at any time of the day. Nowadays, almost all phones come with GPS facility, which means that in case of any situation or an event, the child can be traced, if he/she has a cell phone.

Social Interactions
Sometimes getting a cell phone leads to a transformation in the social skills of a child, from being introvert to extrovert. Cell phone helps a child to open up to communication and discussion with friends and classmates. Moreover, some phones give added services like internet and other multimedia functions, which can help a child to get connected to the entire world. It improves the chance of the child getting information when he/she needs.

Increases Responsibilities
If you are buying your child a cell phone, then you will be entrusting him/her with added responsibility that comes along with this facility. Having a cell...
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