Advantages of Facebook

Topics: Facebook, Economics, Communication Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Today, there are many social networking have already been popularity. The most famous one is facebook that is increasing so much account members, it will reach 1 billion members. Many people out there who spend most of their time on facebook. There are many advantages of using facebook that it’s good for keep in touch and convenient at business ways. The first advantage of facebook is that it’s good for keep in touch. Facebook is free and it’s one of medium for communication. Using facebook can connect to and type pf people from anywhere in the world. Moreover it’s the best for finding old friends. When a friend goes away to other country we often don’t get the chance to communicate with him or her because mobile fee is too expensive. However, now facebook gives us the oppurtanity to communicate with ours old friends or family without any cost. This shows that it’s good for keep in touch is an advantage of facebook. The second advantage of facebook is convenient at many business ways. Many company must take out higher budget to update theirs advertisement and appropriate allowance before using facebook. Nevertheless, they can use facebook to create their own advertisement without any payment and executive also do not need to aboard to proceed with the meeting for business project. This is due to facebook provide many function for them. This shows that it’s convenient at business ways is an advantage of facebook. Actually there are many functions in facebook but the two main function that it’s good for keep in touch and convenient at the business ways. In my opinion, facebook is very useful. If we understand to use facebook correctly that is will be provide the best system and function for us which we know. It also can make our lives colorful.
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