Advantages of Boarding School

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Good evening, parents and students, and welcome to our school. I understand that many of you are considering joining our school and I would like to share my personal experience of studying at a boarding school.

I spent six years studying at a non-residential school and the last three years at the boarding school. I have gained much from my days at a boarding school and I would like to share with you the advantages of studying at such a school.

Boarding schools help students to learn to be independent. They learn to understand that they themselves are responsible for many thing that other students take for granted, such as waking up on time and finishing homework within a certain time frame.

Boarding school also save time which is spent on travelling to and back from school, not to mention transport expenses. Students also benefit from having regular and nutritious meals provided to them.

Staying at the school also makes it possible to have more times for extra-curricular activities. These activities are done on daily basic as opposed to non-residential schools where they are done twice or three times a week.

Another benefit is that students have ample time to discuss their homework with their classmates and teachers during the common study periods. There is, therefore, no need to spend money on private tuition.

Students and teachers enjoy a closer bond as a result of spending more time together. Teachers provide support and guidance so that students can derive maximum benefit from their schooling experience.

I hope that you will join our big family here at this boarding school. Thank you for your time and attention.
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