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Good morning. My name’s Minh Chau. I’m the new Finance Manage. I’m going infrom you

about “How do you learn English”. The purpose of this talk is to update you on methodology

English. I shall only take 10 minutes of your time. The subject can be looked at under the

following heading : listening,, speaking, reading, writing.If you have any questions, I’d glad to

answer any questions at the end of my talk.This talk is designed start the ball rolling.

Let’s start with listening. How often do you learn listening. Do you have method listening for

you? I will persent any system listening for you. If you are beginner you should listen simple

listening.It’s easy to learn,because It is slow and clear. You should listen every day by a song,a

conversation or a dialogue If you want to study english better. Actually, there are many website

to learn listening on internet for beginner.for example,, and this is system which you can

accustom oneself to listen English every day. If you have learned english along time but you

can’t listen english best. May be, you haven’t method listening for you. If you want to english

better, you can start with basic listening as beginner. However, if you want to raise your level

english, you can listening on some website such as,, and There are 5juncture to listen english for you:

1_you find word :who? When? Where? To understand topic

2_do exercise

3_listen and find key word

4_check your listening and write stranscrip

5_repeat and record

This is method to enhance your level english

Secound, speaking.Everyone often speak very little, because they don’t...
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