Advantages of Attending a Community College

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Advantages of Attending a Community College

Choosing a community college over a four-year institution has several advantages. You’ll save money by paying less per credit hour than you would at a four-year school while taking time to explore your options. For example, the average cost per credit hour for in-district students attending Pulaski Technical College is $72 compared to about $154 per credit hour at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). Most community colleges are generally close to their students’ homes and these students can also save a significant amount of money on the room, board, and transportation expenses associated with a college education. In some community colleges, student admission at a two year college has fewer requirements than a four year. Regardless of your previous school performance, most community colleges will admit you as long as you have a high school diploma or GED. Community colleges offer classes during a variety of times including early morning, late afternoon, evenings, weekends and online. Community colleges usually have satellite locations through out the community for student convenience. Community colleges generally have smaller class sizes which allow students to interact better with classmates and instructors have more time to get to know each student individually. Universities class sizes are considerably larger than community colleges which limits class and instructor interaction. All of these things helped me make the decision that was right for me in choosing a school. I chose a 2-year community college because it gives me the flexibility I need to work while going to school. Financially, it is more affordable for me and when I decide to further my education, I still have the option to transfer to a University which has its advantages as well.
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