Advantages of an Agriculture Society over an Hunter/Gatherer Societ

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Advantages of a Agriculture society over a Hunter-gathering society In the prehistoric time, where mankind was just developing and we still looked like walking monkeys, people lived in small societies. But today I am writing about the Agriculture and Hunter-gathering societies, these two are different in many ways for insistence one hunts and the other grows crops and one is more likely to move and follow the herd of animals and is more settled. As I was saying in the first paragraph Agriculture societies are more settled, but actually that is not all true because there is a thing called a “slash and burn” agriculture that would burn down the trees in one area and farm intensively for a few years and then move on. But for the societies that don’t move have some advantages like houses because they are built to last, wells are built to bring up water, and other “expensive” improvements afforded because they would serve for generations. Being part of a Hunter-gathering society can be frustrating sometimes because if the hunters have no luck than the tribe doesn’t eat. They also don’t live very luxury because there houses have to be light enough to carry (they’re usually small tents made out of straw, wood, and cow hide. Plus this society also has to move with the animals or they will starve. The agriculture and the hunter-gathering society both showed there high and weak values during their time. But hopefully this essay showed the advantages between the agriculture and the hunter-gathering societies.
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