Advantages & Disadvantages Living in the City

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Gurmanterr : Good morning, Mr Daniel . It’s long time since we last met. Daniel : Good Morning, Mr Gurmanterr . I only arrived last night. I have come here on business. I hope to return home tomorrow. I hate living in a great city like this Gurmanterr : Do you? Many people coming from the country enjoying themselves so immensely in the city that they don’t feel like getting home again. Daniel : But I find little enjoyment in the smoky air of of a city and all it’s noise and racket Gurmanterr : Of couse, in a city you cannot have the clean air and the quiet of the country. But that’s a very small disadvantage compared with the facilities provided by a city. We have in the city theatres, cinemas, concerts, well-equipped hospitals, palatial Buildings, and so on. We have here a wide variety of articles to choose from if we wish to buy anything

Daniel : That’s why people living in a city tend to become extravagant. Those who go in for cheap entertainments can naturally enjoy city life. Gurmanterr : You are not completely right. A city provides not only public entertainments but Various things that can stimulate your mind—public libraries, museums, zoological gardens, art galleries, and so on. City life is a great boon to young boy and girls in particular ; they have the benefit of excellent schooling. Besides, the city is a school for studying life. In a city one comes into contact with men of different types, manners, and customs. Daniel : Yes, city life has certain advantages, too. I ought not to be so allergic to it.
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