Advantages & Diadvantages of Biometric Technologies

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  • Published : March 27, 2009
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Biometric identification refers to identifying an individual based on his or her unique physical characteristic or behavioral characteristics. As these characteristics are unique to each and every person, biometric identification is more reliable and capable than the traditional token based and knowledge based technologies differentiating between an authorized and a false person. Example for this traditional method is ID card, where person use the card to show that they an authorized person. According Murali Kuba biometric is best described, as are automated methods of recognizing an individual based on their physical or behavioral characteristics. Some common commercial examples are fingerprint, face, iris, hand geometry, voice and dynamic signature.

Though it gave better security then the traditional method it’s also have its own flaw. According to Murali Kuba biometric are very sensitive to the person characteristic, even are certain change to it will affect the affect the identification. Even the environment will affect the system. For example, if voice verification is used in an environment where there is background noise, the system’s ability to match voices to enrolled templates depends on capturing these templates in the same environment. In addition to user and environmental issues, biometrics themselves change over time. Some people, especially those with disabilities may have problems with contact biometrics. Not because they do not want to use it, but because they endure a disability that either prevents them from maneuvering into a position that will allow them to make use the biometric or because the biometric authentication system (solution) is not adaptable to the user. For example, if the user is blind a voice biometric may be more appropriate.

Fingerprinting is the oldest method of successfully matching an identity. A person’s fingerprints are a complex combination of patterns known as lines, arches, loops...
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