Advantages and Drawbacks of the Industrial Revolution in the British Society

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Advantages and drawbacks of the Industrial Revolution in the British Society

Task a:
The industrial revolution in Britain led to many exceptional inventions. One of the good things about the industrial revolution was, that they figured out how to melt more iron more quickly and more efficient than before, which led to the creation of a mass of machinery created in the years following. Those machines made it possible to produce more Iron, from which they could construct iron bridges, and soon to be followed train-tracks made out of pure iron. Because of this discovery, both the poor and the rich could travel throughout the country for a rather small amount of money, throughout the country, faster than they could by carriage or by foot. Though because the need for more coal rose, they needed more to dig out the coal from the mines, which made room for a whole lot of more workers, which got more people out of the gutter and into a more civilized community. The demand on workers grew, and got more into work, even children. The problem with coal-digging is, that the men got worn down quicker than normal, which decreased their time on the market as workers, which drew them to the gutter from where they came. Even the work times were off scale, the miners could mine for up to twelve hours a day with no breaks not even a break so they could go and have a meal. So most miners had lunch packs with them, and when there was time, they would eat some of their lunch pack. Not only did the adults work overtime, and wore themselves out, but even children worked in the mines. Little boys and girls sat in vents all the day, to open doors and open ventilation for the workers. Hour by hour opening vents and doors, without anything to do or play with, this resulted in that they got dumber with time. The positive side of these situations was that the workers started to gather, in Unions. So that they could get fair work times, better wages, breaks and the children should be out...
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