Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones

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  • Published : December 2, 2010
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The mobile phone is one of the great inventions in 20th century. We cannot image our life without the mobile phone. Like this, it is obviously a truth that using mobile phones gives us enormous benefits in all aspects. Otherwise, this causes some trouble in a specific situation. In this essay, I will explain about the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones with some examples to support my opinion. At first, I believe that using mobile phone have contributed our communication to make easier than before. As you know, 30 years ago, all people should grasp a landline phone or go to the public telephone booth to make a call. In addition to that, 50 years ago, we should post a mail or visit someone to communicate. However, in recent times, we can talk with foreigners who live overseas, whenever we want. Furthermore, we are able to save our time and reduce the business trip expenditure and avoid being traffic jams and prevent environmental pollution by the combustion of the fuel. Conversely, some people have been suffering from careless using mobile phones of others. We can see some rude people who speak loudly in public places, in particular in libraries, trains and theatres. It makes severe noise and quarrel sometimes. Actually, according to the previous news, a certain person killed someone with cruel assault because of the reason that he spoke too loudly in a train. As another example, the camera of mobile phones sometimes disturbs a person’s privacy. In case of a certain country, the government has legislated to prohibit from taking a photo in public places such as a swimming pool and a spa. To conclude, the pros and cons of using mobile phones depend on the way how we can use it in right ways or in wrong ways. Even though it is only personal stuff, we should always be careful for using it.
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