Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cell Phones.

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  • Published : November 1, 2011
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Cell phone is the most popular technological product nowadays. It is used by almost people off all ages. It seems to be very useful. In fact, for every plus, there is minus. In my opinion, although cell phone shows us many advantages, it also brings us some disadvantages. For one thing, cell phone really makes our life easier because of the following reasons. First, it is very convenient. It helps us contact with people at anywhere over the world in a fastest way. People use it to connect with others such as coworkers, friends of family members for doing business; ask for news or sharing information. Second, cell phone is the most multifunction tool nowadays. It is not only a cell phone but also a calculator, a MP3 player, a handheld computer because people can use it to call to other, calculate, listen to music, arrange the schedule, surf on the Internet, check email,…and so on. The advantages of cell phone are showed by an increasing of people using cell phone day by day. However, all of us know that something can broadcast electro-magnetic wave really has some bad influence to our health, including cell phone. Many researches show that people using cell phone frequently have more risk to get ears and fingers diseases. In addition, electro-magnetic wave from cell phone can cause more diseases like epilepsy, childless male and especially brain cancer. A worrying fact is that a large number of people using cell phone are not considering the bad effects from cell phones. They use it every day and every time. The right way using cell phone and its effects are needed to popularize to people. In conclusion, although cell phone makes our life easier, it also affects our health badly. However, it is very hard for us to not use cell phone. We have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone. Therefore, we can use it in a right way to protect ourselves. There is nothing too bad, just the way we use it make it worse.
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