Advantages and Disadvantages of Telecommunications

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  • Published: January 30, 2013
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I. Introduction
”Humans communicate with each other in many different ways. The simplest forms of communication involve talking out loud, using hand signs and writing down messages. Technology is used to increase the number of ways people can communicate. People have invented devices and systems that allow individuals to talk to each other when they are not together. Communications technology is an important part of both today’s and tomorrow’s society.”

Telecommunication plays a vital role in keeping the balance of the renewed society since it has helped billions of people to keep in touch with each other although they are a million of miles away, even stresses out overseas. Although humanity has benefited from the resources and convenience provided by telecommunication, contradicting these are the disadvantages of telecommunication if misused, brutalized and abused.

”Communication ties together the parts of the society just as the nervous system ties together the parts of an individual. From earliest times, when the only form of communication was speech, to the present, when electronic signals carry information instantly to practically any point on Earth, communication has been the way people have organized their cooperative activities.”

A. Purpose of the Study

The researchers aim to edify about the different effects of using technology as a means of communication. They also aim to expand the awareness of the people of how they use telecommunication in their day to day living. The researchers main purpose is to expose the truth about telecommunication whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage in today’s generation.

B. Thesis Statement

Although telecommunication has been of great aid and is a huge advantage to the fast-growing societal modernization, its expansion has influenced the minds of the people and are somehow abusing it which leads to its own deprivation from the society.

The researchers aim to answer the...
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