Advantages and Disadvantages of Tall Organizational Structure

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  • Published : October 28, 2013
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1. 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of tall organizational structure. Advantages:
i. In tall organizational structure , there is a close supervisory control because of the low span of managers. ii. It is a more commanding structure as significance, the roles and tasks are clearly Idefined. iii. This structure enhances the control of the top regulation over the organization. 

i. Workers are less inspired within tall organizational structure therefore, such administrations lack innovation i. It generates statement blocks between the upper and lower management hence no profits which discourages the workers ii. Inefficiencies in decision making because for every decision, the approval has to be taken from the higher authorities

2. 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of flat organizational structure. Advantages:
i. Flat organization is lower cost because it has only few managers. ii. Fast and clear communication is possible among these few levels of management. iii. Superiors may not be too dominating because of large numbers of subordinates.

i. The discipline in the flat organisation may be bad due to lose control. ii. There may be problems of team work because there are many subordinates under one manager. iii. Overworked managers cause to manage a large number of subordinates

3. Why is motivation important in an organization?

Modem organization work through physical, financial and human resources. The utilization of physical and financial resources depends on the willingness of people to work. Motivation enables people to convert physical and financial resources into useful products. It helps management to get the best out of human as well as non-human resources.

4. What is the main motivation factor for you in general?

The main motivating factor for me is a successful experience. When I succeed at something, however small, I am encouraged and motivated to continue on to achieve the next...