Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites. Essay

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Nowadays social networking sites are
part of people's lives. Almost
everybody has facebook account and
log on it a few times per day. Sites like
this give us a lot fun and benefits but
recently appeared more
disadvantages of this phenomenon
what is one of the hottest issues. Well
using networking websites have
positive and negatives sides.
First of all using networking sites is a
really good way to communicate with
people. You can meet and
make new relationships with people all
over the world, chat with best friends
and even with family
Members. Sites like this also help a lot
to find old friends from school.
Secondly that way of communicate is
very comfortable and easy. People
don't have to leave their houses
to meet somebody. Just few clicks and
they are talking with friends by site's
messenger. It is simple and
doesn't cost anything many people
choose it instead of long phone
Thirdly social networking sides allow
sharing files, thoughts and interesting
with other people. You can write a
blog, view friends' photos and share
Bad side is the fact that networking
websites are very addictive. People
spend more and more time at
computer with makes them isolated
from real life. They are wasting time at
checking purposeless posts and
informations. Thinking just about
virtual world they can't focus on
anything and have problems at school
or work.
What is more, there is a lot danger on
social websites. Somebody can steal
our data or hack our account and use
it as fake identify . A big risk is
clicking at advertising and links from
stranger which can contain viruses.
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