Advantages and Disadvantages of Robot Technology

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Robot Technology

Many type of robots that have been created and developed by the engineers to help human managing and assisting human in daily tasks. Robots are simply machines that have the ability to perform specific tasks and typically controlled by a computer or collection of computers. The robot can only perform those tasks for which they have been programmed. 

Main advantage of the robot technology is the increasing in productivity, safety, efficiency, quality, product’s consistency. By using robot, for example robot arm, we can ensure productivity increment in manufacturing for the same products over and over again without affecting the quality of the product.

The second advantage is no fatigue and boredom toward works they been doing. In manufacturing industry, robots play a vital role to do tasks in the expected time. Whereas, human can easily disturbed and not consistently handling the same work in a very long period. Furthermore, they are more accurate than human. For example, robots will have no shaking hands during a very important surgery like open heart surgery. No Chinese, Vietnamese or Indonesian can outwork a robot. They work 24 hours a day for the price of electricity and capital cost payments with no holidays, breaks, holidays, vacations, depression and emotional problem and no demand on human.

By using a designated trajectory and force, robots can lift up heavy things that human can’t bear. In other words, you can make the robots do your job. If this country could robotitize even more manufacturing processes and make those robots at a very fair price, we could get a great majority of those lost manufacturing jobs back. No country can outperform a robot. If we were the best robot makers in the world, we could corner the market.

Although robots can give us advantage in everyday life, robots also have some disadvantages. The first disadvantage is you need a trained person in order to fix...
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