Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Life

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Future Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: May 18, 2013
“modern lifestyles mean that many parents have little time for their children. Discuss advantages and disadvantages”

That nowadays various parents have little time for their children has been considered against its benefits and drawbacks. In the scope of the essay, the merits and demerits of spending little time for children are clarified in order to detect the most rational resolution. Admittedly, the children possess freedom and they possibly practice their independence. To commence with, the children plausibly learn what they like, play what they interest and play with whom they want. This comfort will help them feel more excited as they discover the world around them by their own way and it will be a good opportunity for their gift and personality are exposed and developed. Additionally, since their parents too busy with their business, the children compulsorily take care for themselves. They get up early each morning and go to school themselves, evenly prepare their meals and clean their room. Evidently, these affairs will support their experiences and it is unnecessary for them to worry much about their future. Notwithstanding, the children will be lacked of emotion and their parents’ orientations. Initially, holding little time to talk to their parents is a disadvantage for them since hardly can they find a really reliable person to express their feeling or share their joy and sadness. How they feel complex when their friends are always happy with their parents. Equally significant, lack of their parents’ orientations, the children’ lives will be more challenge. They are rarely instructed in detail how to treat other people, how to solve their problems, what they advisedly learn or alarmed about the danger around them. In conclusion, the disadvantages overwhelm the advantages, persuading me to disapprove parents who spend little time for their children. Advisedly, parents arrange their work so that their children are enjoyed precious time along them....
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