Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

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Com puters Advantages and Dis advantages of the Internet

Adv antage s and Disadv antage s of the Inte rne t
Can you imagine a life without the internet? Hasn't it revolutionized and eased up our life in many ways? Read on to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. By As hwini Am bekar | Wednes day, October 22, 2008

Modern life and bus ines s has bec ome eas ier and the world mark ets have s hrunk thank s to the immens e c ontribution of the internet tec hnology to c ommunic ation and information s haring. However this internet tec hnology was not c reated overnight. In its initial s tages of c reation it fac ilitated c ommunic ation within c ertain s pec ific network s tations through a c entral mainframe method. Eventually internet operations wherein multiple network s c ould be c onnec ted together was made pos s ible. From here on internet s ervic e providers that were privately owned allowed for ex pans ion and us e of this tec hnology and it has had a tremendous impac t all over the world. The Internet not only allows for eas e in c ommunic ation through email but als o ens ures eas y availability of information, images , and produc ts among other things . Every day the internet c ontinues to provide a new fac ility , s omething new that is immens ely c onvenient and that mak es life eas ier for many people. However this internet lik e any other tec hnology is als o lik e a Pandora’s Box and c ontains s ome unwanted elements or dis advantages . Following are the advantages and dis advantages of the internet.

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Ad v an tag e s o f th e In te r n e t
The internet has opened up new avenues for c ommunic ation. Email fac ility has allowed people to c ommunic ate with minimum was tage of time. It is now pos s ible to s end a mes s age to any part of the world through a s imple email addres s and the mes s age is delivered in a matter of s ec onds . This has allowed bus ines s es to ex pand and c ommunic ate with their vendors and c us tomers loc ated all over the world in rec ord time. Pers onal c ommunic ation has als o bec ome eas ier thank s to email. Chat rooms , video c onferenc ing are s ome of the lates t additions in this tec hnology and thes e have allowed people to c hat in real time irres pec tive of the loc ation of the parties involved. The intranet allows for people within an organiz ation to eas ily c ommunic ate and s hare information. The greates t advantage of this phenomenal c reation is that it is eas y to unders tand and s imple to us e. Information has been made available eas ily bec aus e of this wonderful tec hnology . Searc h engines , webs ites dedic ated to different s ubjec ts and large amount of artic les and papers are available for perus al in a matter of few s ec onds . Forums on a number of s ites allow people to dis c us s and s hare their thoughts and information with others loc ated at different plac es all over the world. W hether this information is about the lates t news happenings in the world or information about y our favorite c elebrity , every thing is available at y our fingertips . A huge c ac he of data is available on the internet on every s ingle s ubjec t. W ith this s torehous e of information people c an not only inc reas e their k nowledge bank but c an do s o without was ting their time through traditional means s uc h as vis iting libraries and c onduc ting ex haus tive res earc h. This is partic ularly relevant for s tudents who c an us e this wealth of information for their s c hool projec ts and als o to learn new things about the...
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