Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling

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In today’s society, homeschooling is looked down upon. Many think the students involved will lack social skills. Some people are against it because they think it gives younger children a sense of authority by being able to plan their own schooling. Others are opposed to homeschooling just because it is uncommon in society and they do no want to be outcasts. To home school a child it does require much more attention and time than traditional schooling, but the results prove it can be rewarding. Homeschooling Is beneficial because it focuses on one individual at a time, is more flexible than traditional schooling, and avoids the negative effects of other students.

Today both public and private schooling lack the ability to give the curriculm every student needs based on their own interests. Gifted children do not receive the attention that they need to excel and children who struggle with academics do not receive enough attention (Tsubata 104-08). This problem is mainly caused by overcrowding (Is Home an Acceptable Alternative 86-87). If a student knows they have to teach another student, they tend to learn better. Homeschooled students know they will be the ones to repeat learned information back to someone to prove they know it, unlike in a classroom (Tsubata 104-08). Some people think homeschooling is only limited to a parent’s knowledge, but there are many other educational sources available for learning (Is Home an Acceptable Alternative 86-87). Without an entire class needing to know material to move on, a homeschooler can move at a faster pace. If a homeschooled student is slower in a certain area, more attention can be sectioned around that topic (Tsubata 104-08). Having so many students as classrooms have does not work as well as one-on-one teaching.

Every student learns in a different way. Some can be visual, hands-on, or kinesthetic learners (Benefits of Homeschooling). Homeschooling can enforce a specific type of learning that is more beneficial and easier for a student to grasp. For example, if a student is a visual learner, but the class is listening to others read, it is a waste of time for the visual student. Also, homework is a waste of time if a student already knows the material very well. A parent or personal tutor can easily recognize this fact and will not make them do reinforcement exercises. Through homeschooling, it gives teachers a better knowledge of learning types (Shaw).

Unlike in regular schooling, if a child has a question it can be fully answered. In classes, a child could be totally lost and ask for help, but because of time constraints the question receives general feedback. Instead, a homeschooler can be assigned to research that topic and answer the question themselves. The curriculum can be changed according to what is not understood, not a generalization of the class. After a student asks a question, it could lead to many more questions. In a classroom environment, a student could be afraid to ask all of these questions because of the other students. Homeschoolers are alone so they are not worried of what others think. No one is around that would judge them for being curious or not understanding.

Other students in a class can have a major negative influence on learning. Sometimes students can become self-conscious of asking too many questions. Without asking questions and being able to process what a teacher is saying, there is no learning involved. Miscellaneous details such as dating and gossip can become more important to students than school. In addition, the extra practice work and wait for others to finish can make school feel tedious and boring. This can cause kids to lose interest and think of school as a bad thing instead of a privilege (Benefits of Homeschooling).

With homeschooling, the students have more influence over lessons. Students can be more involved in learning what interests them at a younger age. They can choose to learn from their parent, a...
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