Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Part Time Job

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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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Part-Time Jobs 1
at an arcade, at the movies, at a golf course, at a flower shop, at a clothing store, at a music store, at the post office, at a mall, at a convenience store, at an information desk, at a video store, at a company, at a hotel, at a gas station, at a fast-food restaurant, at a laundromat, at a car wash, at a camp Mark's note: I use this first set to practice 'where?' - -> 'at ...' and to practice the third person singular:    - 'She works at an arcade.' 

   - 'Where does s/he work?'
This set is also good for introducing some places around town.  For more third person singular practice see the fruit sets and sports sets.  For more places in town see the places set. Part-Time Jobs 2:

as a lifeguard, as a papergirl, as a babysitter, as a cashier, as a cook, as an attendant, as a waiter, as a waitress, as a tutor, as a groundskeeper, as a crossing guard, as a delivery boy, as an operator, as a dishwasher, as a camp counselor, as a janitor, as a clerk, as a musician Mark's note: I use this first set to practice 'works as ...' and I do it after the first set.  Once the students get good at it, I add 'at ...' for a meatier sentence    - He works as a lifeguard at the public pool.

   - He works as a cook at a fast-food restaurant.
I use these sets with older students and adults to talk about what people do at their jobs. It's a great way to introduce a lot of verbs and again practice the third person singular.    - She works at a clothing store.  She helps customers, sells clothes and cleans the store.    - He works as a waiter at a restaurant.  He takes orders, serves food and cleans the restaurant. Part-Time Jobs 3:

He works flipping burgers, He works carrying stuff, They work moving furniture, He works painting fences, He works stacking cans, She works cleaning the park, She works mowing lawns, He works planting trees, He works selling popcorn, He works selling hotdogs, He works driving an ice cream truck, He works fixing things, She works...
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