Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Working Mothers.

Topics: Home, Homemaker, Household income in the United States Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Ever since the time period Before Christ, men have been the dominant ones among the two genders, being the household leaders and source of income to the family. On the other hand, women were traditionally required by society to stay at home to manage household chores, look after the children, and be submissive and supportive of their husbands. However in our contemporary world, the way society works has undergone a major change with the result of us seeing women becoming successful entrepreneurs, popular pop stars and high ranking government officials. With modern women now being equal and having roles that were traditionally dominated by men, the question is what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of having working mothers?

Firstly, working mothers will help to increase the household income, which means a better standard of living for the family. With a higher income for the household, the family will achieve financial stability more easily and thus not face problems of not able to feed the family, not able to afford basic necessities, not able to put the children through education until university stage and not able to afford entertainments like the television for the family to enjoy. Hence, working mothers help to generate additional income which is beneficial to the family.

Secondly, working mothers get to put their education and talents to practical use in their works. This not only means that their talents and the years of education they painstakingly went through are not put to waste, but this also contributes positively to the country’s economy and ensures that the money spent by the government for their education are not down the drain. With more of these high-class working mothers in the society, there will be more highly educated people contributing to the society and the society will also become more civilised. People will not have to pay more taxes and the industrial productivity of that particular country will also increase. Hence...
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