Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiber Optics

Topics: President of the United States, Optical fiber, Totalitarianism Pages: 6 (1723 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Not capable with current resources and timeframe to solve takes too long Fainberg, 2012
Max. BTOP Program Officer "Broadband Construction Season." Home Page | NTIA. N.p., 19 Oct. 2012. Web. 20 Mar. 2013. .

Broadband is a world of extremes: it takes heavy-duty, 10-ton equipment to install fiber strands that are as small as a human hair. It takes months and years of hot, sweaty, dust-filled workdays to build a network that will provide massive amounts of data to end users at speeds measured in millionths of a second. It takes hundreds of man-hours, at a pace of 1000 feet per day to install the fiber that will connect our schools and hospitals with resources on the other side of the planet with just the click of a mouse. Plan can’t solve alone

Free Press Reports, 2009
Wired Less: Disconnected in Urban America. Washington D.C.: Free Press, 2009. Print.

For many urban residents, high-speed Internet services, which typically ¶ cost $40 to $60 per month, are simply too pricey. Compounding the ¶ Internet access problem, many people are unable to afford a computer or ¶ lack the skills to navigate the Web. ¶ And just like their rural counterparts, some urban areas have been redlined ¶ by Internet service providers that refuse to offer service to communities ¶ that may not provide as large a financial return. ¶ Many urban residents are locked out, unable to participate fully in the ¶ digital era. They’re prevented from applying for jobs, telecommuting, ¶ taking online classes or even finishing their homework. It’s becoming ¶ increasingly clear that Internet connectivity is key to a sound economy and ¶ could assist those hit hardest by the economic downturn. Fiber-Optics are too vulnerable, delays solvency

Seibert, 2009
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Fiber is a small and compact cable, and it is highly susceptible to becoming cut or damaged during installation or construction activities. Because railroads often provide rights-of-way for fiber optic installation, railroad car derailments pose a significant cable damage threat, and these events can disrupt service to large groups of people, as fiber optic cables can provide tremendous data transmission capabilities. Because of this, when fiber optic cabling is chosen as the transmission medium, it is necessary to address restoration, backup and survivability.

**Executive Order Turns**
Totalitarianism Turn
Executive orders are instruments of totalitarianism
Mayer, 2001
(Kenneth, Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Princeton University Press, "With the Stroke of a Pen", 2001,, Accessed 7/23/2012)

Observers who are even less sympathetic cast executive orders in analtogether sinister light, seeing in them evidence of a broad conspiracyto create a presidential dictatorship. The common theme of these com-plaints is that the executive order is an example of unaccountable power and a way of evading both public opinion and constitutional constraints. In the more extreme manifestations, executive orders are portrayed as an instrument of secret government and totalitarianism.Thepresident says “Do this! Do that!” and not only is it done, but the government, the economy, and individual freedom are crushed under the yokeof executive decree.Truman is said to have issued a top-secret executive order in 1947 to create a special government commission to investigate the alleged flyingsaucer crash in Roswell, New Mexico (the air force says no such orderexists, but not surprisingly the proponents of the UFO-order theory don’tbelieve it). 36 When John F.Kennedy issued a series of executive orders authorizing federal agencies to prepare studies of how they would respond to national emergencies, some saw this as evidence that the government was...
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