Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook on Students

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Thinking that technological advances as a major facilitator and driving force behind most of globalization as anidea thatbegan to attract the people’s attention in the late 1990s and it has been defined as the integration of the systems of economics, finance and technology across national borders, the integrated effect of political, cultural and social. The new world of globalization is not only critical in the trade and movement of capital around the world more integrated, they definitely are, but the skills and smooth interchange of information has become transferable at a global scale at very low cost through the rapid increasing of sophistication technology. In fact, the technology has become one of the drivers most potent of globalization, and it is through technology that globalization can lead to sustained world economic growth and integration. 1.1)Advantages Of Technology

Easier life
With the technology nowadays, there much assistance received in every sector. The cars and motorcycles help people reach anywhere in a very short time. Plane and very fast trains have reduced the distance between the cities and countries. The way of communication has changed in the most convenient manner through the use of computers and internets. Since the technology developed, there are many people performing video conferencing and chat to communicate with their families. Lesser Mistakes

The use of machines helps the people to make errors lesser. The robots or machineswill work accordingly and we just need to plan them with good information. As in the production of any automotive, most of manufacturing companies use automated machines according to the instruction of the computer or operating machinery. And all the work will be done with perfection. Save Time

By the usage of the technologies it will save our time more, for an example, you can fly anywhere in the world in hard times. With a computer you can do any work in hard times and also it helps to improve the quality and will provide recommendations. The machines help people in the kitchen too.

Apple started as a computer company in 1976. For the last decade, however, Apple has grown into a very complex company that isspecializing in more than just computers. Apple broke barriers with iPod, eventually becoming the dominant market leader in music players in 2001. Also, Applehas joined the mobile industry in 2007 with the product, iPhone, which is also sold widely successful. Apple Inc. is known as the leading technology company in the world and the second leading company by market capitalization. Apple will designs and manufactures its own computer hardware, software and other electronic products, including the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The company sells its products globally through online, its wholesale stores, its direct sales force, and also to their contractors. Further more, the Company sells various types of components of their compatible products, including application software, printers, storage devices, speakers, headphones, and various other accessories and other supplies through online and grocery store. Not only that, this company also sells its products to many industries such as education, business, and also customer from government. 3.0)HOW APPLE ARE LEVERAGING ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Apple has managed to improve the valuable market share and return to the position of market leader with strong leverage technology to develop new products. It is a kind of innovation that does not need a completely new technology product, but using sound technology and functionality. This type of innovation creates new products, but not the tools really any new. IPods are the start of construction, by downloading the of songs to add into an MP3 player which will make easy to operate it, with a user-friendly interface that quickly adapted to the public at the time. This technology influence to add the...
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