Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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The advantages and disadvantages of promoting artists on Facebook Advantages
Facebook relates to a young audience, and young audiences are the primary target when promoting fresh new artists. The younger members of Facebook are more likely to appreciate new artists and promote the artist by word of mouth compared to older members who are more likely to favour known and original artists. One of Facebook’s many features is the profile page. The profile page is either promoted by artists themselves or by people that work for them but either way it is personal to the artist so fans can get a better insight to what they’re about and can also find out new information such as tour dates and album releases etc. Another positive feature of Facebook is the groups, members of Facebook can join a particular group in order to discuss and share information about the particular subject (in this case it would be a new artist) the group allows people to gain quick awareness as an unlimited amount of people can join the group and group owners can send requests to a vast amount of people to join the group. There are also opportunities for Facebook members to upload samples of music from new artists, and thus promote the artist more if they have a positive response towards them. The no cost strategy means a large amount of people have the opportunity to listen to the music. Information is also regularly updated which increases the validity of each profile and keeps fans up-to-date with any news. There is also the chance for fans of an artist to become part of their fan club and therefore artists can manage how well they are being promoted(by the number of fans) or what type of audiences their music attracts. Fans can contact celebs (or at least try to) by messaging them and so forth and the one way communication enhances how close the fans can get to their particular artist. Disadvantages

The advantage of being able to upload free music from artists can also backfire financially....
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