Advantages and Disadvantages of Ecotourism

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If done right, there are many more advantages of ecotourism than disadvantages. Unfortunately, ecotourism is still a new field of study and a new sub sector of the tourism industry. And, with most new found industries, many organizations, companies, and countries are taking advantage of it. With so many disadvantages of ecotourism, it is hard to see the advantages and benefits of ecotourism. However, if done right, the goals of ecotourism are to help the environment, preserve natural resources as well as help the local communities and economies. Ecotourism is an industry that stands to make a lot of money from tourists that are seeking environmentally friendly vacations or ecologically friendly activities. The money from ecotourism could be used to preserve nature, wildlife, species and earths natural resources as well as help local people with access to civilization and education. For example, if a country is prime for ecotourism, the money could be used to preserve the environment in that country so that the natural resources would last longer. Local residents could also benefit from the growth in their economy and no longer have to live poorly. This, however, usually does not happen in reality because the locals rarely benefit from the growth of their economy. The investors and foreign corporations do. And the environment and natural resources rarely get preserved because they are worth more in a theme park attracting ecotourists. THE IMPORTANCE OF ECOTOURISM

Ecotourism is increasing in popularity across the world, but has significant practical value in developing countries. The needs of impoverished communities may conflict directly with the need to capitalize on the growing tourism industry. In cases developers move in and designate certain areas as tourism hotspots without giving...
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