Advantages and Disadvantages of an Unwritten Constituion

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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The advantages of an unwritten constitution far outweigh the disadvantages (40) You must make a judgement.

A constitution is a set of rules that establish duties and functions of the government and defines the basic principles to which society must conform. In this essay I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an unwritten constitution and show that I agree with this statement. On one hand, if a written constitution was introduced it would affect the power of government, relationship between judges and politician and individual freedoms and rights. One argument is that a written constitution would make the rules of the country clearer, as constitutional rules would be collected together and put into a single document and therefore more clearly defined than in an unwritten constitution where the laws, rights and rules are spread across many documents. Thus, a written constitution would create less confusion and the meaning about laws and rights may be greater enforced. However, a written constitution is unnecessary in countries who do not have one as many believe that the unwritten constitutional nature of, for example, UK politics has ensured a long history of democracy, and written constitutions may not be the most effective way of limiting government power. A written constitution may also have an educational value as it highlights the central values and goals in the political system. This may strengthen the populations feeling of belonging to the country as it creates a clearer sense of political identity. Furthermore, if these citizens feel a sense of belonging to a country they are more likely to become involved in, and be interested in what is going on in their country. On the other hand a written constitution can be considered rigid. With written constitutions a higher law is more difficult to change and it is easier and quicker to introduce an Act of Parliament than to alter a constitution. Due to this inflexible nature of a written...
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