Advantages and Disadvantages: Mobile Phone

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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Topic : Write about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone.

In today’s global environment, technology is very important to all of us. Living, working are all in need of technology. We use technology to communicate, improve general knowledge and much more. As many things have been developed, from year to year, century to century, the world has became unique. But the most popular gadget is mobile phone, which make us easy to communicate with each other globally. In spite of its advantages, there’re also some disadvantages of mobile phone too.

First of all, mobile phone is easy to use, communicate and handy. You can call anywhere, local or international. For example, if you have relatives or friends that live aboard, you can easily call them just in a minute. However, it can entertains you as well. You can check internet, listen to music, texting, play game and so on. For example, you just get back from work or school, you can play some music to reduce you tiredness and stress. Other point of view is, easy to send or check email but your personal data, making a note, reminder, alarm.

In contrast, mobile phone is dangerous for us. It can infect our health. For instance, when you talking too much on the phone, it can damages for hearing and infects to our brain. The other disadvantage is that it is wasted of time and money. It seems that it is easy and fast to communicate, however, it’s wasted of money and time. Other example, if you need to check internet, it will charges a lot fee and you’ll get addicted to phone that make you have no feeling to study or do anything especially Facebook, the popular social network site among teen.

In conclusion, everything has it own advantages and disadvantages, also mobile phone. So you need to use it carefully.