Advantages and Disadvantages Are Associated with the Use of Client/Server Computing

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  • Published : September 16, 2011
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What advantages and disadvantages are associated with the use of client/server computing

The Client/Server computing has three components in it namely:

1. Client
2. Server
3. Network


Server: This is one that manages data or information in database. It also takes the role of coordination or assigning process when multiple clients functions which is very common in client/server computing technology. 

Client: This is the application or in other words called as front end which the user uses to interact. This is the interface through which the user provides data to database or retrieve data from database. 

Network: From the above we have seen that client and server are independent. But a link must be there to connect client and server for the application to function as a whole. This is done by network. This acts as a communication media between client and server.

Advantages of using the client/server computing technology

Cost Effective: it is clear that each component namely the client and server in client/server computing acts as a separate entity which can be connected by network. One of the advantages of having this type of design is it is possible for one to choose system as per the needs of the each component of a client/server computing environment. In other words the system need of system component in client/server computing is different from that of client component. We know that server in client/server computing manages data in database. So for database management the server component system in client/server computing must be a system with more memory and also high processor speed. One has to choose a system for a server in client/server computing satisfying the above need. On the other hand the system for client component in a client/server computing need not have the above design. That is system representing a client component in client/server computing need not have more memory or high processor speed. But since the...
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