Advantages and Disadvanetage of Civil Law

Topics: Unemployment, Unemployment benefits, Massachusetts Pages: 3 (670 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Economic Benefits of Civil Legal Aid:
How Legal Aid Boosted the Commonwealth’s Economy in FY09 Summary Full report at The work of legal aid programs funded by the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation brings in millions of federal dollars each year, wins millions more in financial support for low-income Massachusetts residents and saves the state the expense of costly social services. In FY09, the total boost to the Commonwealth’s economy amounted to an estimated $73.1 million.

Revenue and Savings
Potential Savings, $12.0 FY09, in millions of dollars

Other Benefits Won, $22.4

New Federal Revenue, $38.7

New Federal Revenue Brought into the Commonwealth: $38.7 million  SSI/SSDI: $9.1 million MLAC’s Disability Benefits Project, with state funding of only $1.37 million, yielded $8,449,788 in retroactive payments and first-year federal benefits to clients and $666,037 in direct federal reimbursements to the Commonwealth. Average recipient receives benefits for 9.7 years. SNAP (Food Stamps): $26.7 million Policy changes spearheaded by the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute were responsible for bringing an additional $26,675,664 in federal Food Stamps to the Commonwealth. Medicare Appeals: $1.1 million Clients of MLAC’s Medicare Advocacy Project won $1,091,484 in Medicare coverage of health care costs. Medicaid Waiver: $1.25 million Massachusetts Advocates for Children’s lead advocacy for the Children’s Autism Medicaid waiver resulted in $1.25 million in federal Medicaid reimbursements. Federal Taxes: $554,641 Greater Boston Legal Services and Neighborhood Legal Services provided federal tax appeal and preparation assistance, bringing in $554,641 to low-income clients.

Additional Revenue from Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits* Two MLAC-funded programs, Greater Boston Legal Services and Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, successfully advocated for changes to Massachusetts law that made the...
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