Advantages and Dis Advantages

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My name is Azmar. I was born in Karkuk city in Iraq. I am single and I am 31 years old. I completed my primary and secondary school in Karkuk, But I am graduated from collage of nursing in Baghdad University in 2005. My father was die in 2001, when I am in the first class of the collage and I am 21 years old in this time. Now, I am working in the Azadi hospital in my city as a nurse in the Respiratory Care Unit. So, I am working in another hospital (Al salam Private Hospital) as anaesthetic assistant in the Operation Room and some times in the Recovery Word, while I am finished my duty and my work in the Azadi Hospital at afternoon and then I am joining to my another job. My life is seriously hard, busy along the time and harried for doing every think in every time that make me irritable when I doing any think. I work tow jobs to obstructive our expensive requirement living in my country for me and my family (Brothers, Sisters and Mother),too. At now, I am joining to course in the Sheffield Hallam University to learn English language (CPD) in International nursing certification with my friends from the same country. For the future, I don’t know the predestine what conceal for me? Though I want and I hope to get an academic degree to increase my experience also I want to be an academic nurse in my speciality. Briefly
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