Advantage of Teamwork

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  • Published : May 1, 2012
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There are many advantages to working in a group. Working in a group can create synergy among the team members as well as increase both vision and efficiency within the group. By working together, the team can generate more of the creative solution on problems that they have. In addition, the companionship that is created by working together as a team can create a good relationship among each other.

Working in a group can help us to accomplish the task in less time because more people are combine to complete the task by dividing them into parts. For examples, we have a large task that need to be done; the team members can split the task into small assignment then divided it to each of the team member. Hence, they don’t have to waste more time and brainpower to complete the task.

Another advantage of working in a group is that unique skills are combined and utilized effectively. Every member team has different strength and skills. Therefore, they can combine all the skills and strength to get good results in their task. For examples, each of the members has different kind of ideas, and then they will combine it and get a good outcome in their task.

Teamwork also can build up a good relationship and unity. Relationships or friendship are important to have a good communication with each of the team members. Stronger relationship will make the team members feel comfortable relying on each other. Each of the team members will also become more responsibility when doing his/her task because team members depend on each other for success.

Team spirit and trust will develop as they interact and communicate with each other. Once a group of people have learned how to have the benefit of each other and work together the group, it is much easier for them to corporate well in their group work.
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