Advantage of Big City

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The advantages of living in a large city

Many years ago, everyone lived in villages, and the number of people who lived in large cities was low. It was thought that village life is more secure and comfortable, and the limited facilities are enough and adequacy. However, the situation has changed today, and the population of large cities has grown so fast. Since the world has undergone a change from agriculture society to industrial society, even the village people prefer to live in the developed cities. Living in a large city is advantageous in many ways. Developed transportation, great educational institutions and modern entertainment are among the benefits of living in a large city.

One major factor that makes a large city more favourable than village is the developed transportation system. The ability to move people and goods from one place to another plays an important role in a large city. In large cities, like New York, more than 50% of people use public transportation such as taxi, bus and subways to travel from one location to another everyday.Also, the public transportation in a large city provides a fast timetabling service which allow people to get to their place on time. However, people in small towns often have difficulties getting from one place to another because of a lack of transportation. For example, if a person misses a scheduled bus, he/she may have to wait for a long time to catch the next one.

Moreover, living in a large city provides an opportunity of getting a proper education. The variety of private and public colleges and universities with experienced professors are available in large cities. For example, Tehran is the capital city of Iran, and the most famous and well-known universities are located in Tehran. This is one of the major reasons that the population of Tehran is growing exponentially. Also, in big cities, students are able to access the useful information and news by using library and internet.

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