Advantage Learning Idioms

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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idioms definition
Definition: Idioms are phrases in English that are used in a figurative manner. For example, the idiom 'make hay while the sun shines' is used figuratively to mean: It is important to continue working hard during a period of relative success. The phrase has nothing to do with actually making hay.

Advantage learning idioms
1. A good way to attain the metaphorical concepts in the target language is to learn idiomatic expressions. Idioms are often metaphorical. (Kovecses 2002) 2. Learning idiomatic expressions helps learners for better communication as well as language learning in the target culture and society. 3. Mastery of appropriate use of idiomatic expressions is a part of important language learning. (Stight 1979)

Advantages of making inferences
Reading is one of some important English skills. Reading is such important in our life, in previous post I’ve said about teaching reading, improving reading skill through context and cognitive factor in reading. Now, I’ll talk about the positive impact or the advantages of making inference. To go through the reading text automatically we have to know one by one the words and we have to catch what the writer want to say in his writing. Inference is one of reading strategy. Why is it important to make inference in reading activity? The reason is because inferring is such an important part of skilled reading, explicitly teaching and reinforcing the skill can reap several benefits. Often, successful inferring supports and extends other reading goals. The teachers in the literacy study group identified four primary positive outcomes they have seen when students learn to make inferences effectively:
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