Advantage and Disadvantages College Student Doing Part Time Jobs

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Advantage and Disadvantages College Student Doing Part Time Jobs

By | July 2011
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Nowadays,an increasing number of college students are taking part-time jobs for many different reasons.Actually,there are both advantages and disadvantages doing so. Generally speaking,college students can benefit a lot from part-time jobs.First,with the development of society and economy,students are getting higher education,as a result of which,the family are under the economic pressure.Taking a part-time job,in this point,students can pay a part of their living cost,and at the same time relieve their parents’ burden.Second,it also needs communication skills when you are taking an interview to get the job,as there are many other competitors.If you fail to take the first job,you will take efforts improving youself to win the next.Third,doing part-time jobs is not only a process of self-development,but also a process of experiencing social life,which will contribute to their job-searching in the future.And at last,they are making their college life colourful by having various part-time jobs and meeting people from different industries. However,there are also disadvantages.Students doing part-time jobs are busy running between the working place and their school.As a result,they get tired, and even skip classes to have a sleep after hard working.It must influence their study to some extent.Moreover,their health will get worse in the long run..Take a friend of mine for example:she once skipped three classes to meet her boss,spending nearly four hours on the way.When she came back,she was worn out with insignificant information taken from her boss.It’s totally a waste of time and energe. In conclution,nothing is perfect.So is taking part-time jobs.But one can do his best to reduce the disadvantages.Here are my suggestions:keep the balance between work and study(after all,studying is always important to students);do not take too many part-time jobs,just keep them in your ability;don't be exausted,and stop to take a breath whenever you feel tired.

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