Advantage and Disadvantages

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Scene 1

Kevin is having a party at his house

Scene 2

Mahir arrives. (Music: High High by GD and TOP)

Mahir: Yo, what a crazy crib you got there, bro.

Kevin: Thanks, bro. (Insert bro shake)

Mahir throws his bag on the ground and snatches the food from the table.

Kevin: The rest of the guests are not here yet.

Mahir: Whatever, man. The girl I met at the bar last night was so hot like the sun. She was on fire man!

Background music plays: Alicia Keys – On Fire

The maid stroll past him and Mahir oogles her with his eyes.

Mahir: Is she your girlfriend, man?

Kevin: No, that’s my maid.

Mahir: I wanna hire her.

Scene 3

Doorbell Rings (Billionaire –Bruno Mars)

Vikram: It’s been awhile, Kevin.

Kevin: It hasn’t been that long. Its been like, three days.

Vikram: That’s long, man. It’s a long time especially since I’m making money.

Kevin: You mean we.

Vikram: Of course, of course. I meant, us.

Mahir: Yo, whats up?

Vikram: Have we met before?

Mahir: I don’t think so. I’m Mahir. I’m Kevin’s friend. We’ve known each other since we were sharing diapers.

Vikram: Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Kevin behind Vikram, he’ll try to shush Mahir.

Mahir grabs Vik tie

Mahir: I like your suit. Can I borrow them on Monday? I got an interview.

Vikram: (Laughs sarcastically) I don’t think so.

Mahir: How do you know Kevin?

Vikram: We’ve been corporate share holders for the past ten years. We specialize in M & A. Mostly, A

Mahir: MMA? (Boxing)

Vikram: Mergers and Acquisitions. Basically, we rip people off their properties.

Scene 4

Kevin opens the door to find Selina standing outside the door. She just walks inside without greeting. She goes straightaway to the table laden with snacks. As she stuff things inside her bag,

Mahir: Hello, how are you?

Selina: Ah, goodlah. You leh?

Mahir: Very good, very good. Where are you from?

Selina: Klang lah.

Mahir: Klanglah? What?

Selina; Klang lah!

Mahir: Nice bag, yeah?

Selina: Yeah, yeah. This bag very the convenient. From Giant.

Mahir: So how did you know psycho Kevin?

Selina: Hah? Sorry, sorry. My England not very the good.

Mahir: So, where you see Kevin?

Selina: There lah! You blind ah?

Mahir is stunned

Mahir: Oh…kay. I never knew Kevin was in the house.

Mahir walks away.

Scene 5

Door bell rings.

Isabel: Bonjour, Kevin. (Air kiss)

Kevin: Isabel, come on in!

Shafar: Good evening, sir.

Kevin ignores Isabel’s PA (Shafar)

Isabel: I’m parched. I need a drink. Shafar…. *snaps fingers*

Shafar: What would you like to have?

Isabel: Diet water.

Shafar: Sure.

Scene 6

Shafar heads to the snack table, finding for a glass of water when she sees Selina stuffing food inside her bag. Her eyes grow wide.

Selina: Can you give me that water, ah?

Shafar: Excuse me?

Selina: That water, ah.

Shafar: waterah?

Selina: Aiyo, that water ah.

Shafar: Sorry, I don’t understand.

Selina: Soli, soli! Water also don’t know.

Selina pushes past her to get the bottled water, which she puts into her bag.

Shafar rolls her eyes, took the other bottled water and goes to the kitchen ( Out of the stage)

Scene 7

Madheeha opens the door for Tarshini.

Tarshini: Hello. (Gives a small timid wave)

Madheeha: Hello, miss. (Madheeha lets her come in)

Tarshini walks in.

Tarshini: Is there any toilet in the house?

Vikram overhead the question.

Vikram: No. there’s none. If you wanna take a dump, go outside.

Vikram walks away.

Both Madheeha and Tarshini look at him.

Madheeha: Just go straight and turn right.

Tashini: Thank you.

Tashini walks away.

Scene 8

Doorbell rings.

Elias: Greetings.

Kevin: Hello!

*Elias hugs Kevin….for a long time*

Kevin: Come, let me introduce you to some of my friends.

Elias: Okay.

They both walk towards Vikram,...
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