Advances in Technology-Based Education: Towards a Knowledge Based Society

Topics: Streaming media, Internet, Multimedia Pages: 12 (3497 words) Published: December 29, 2012

Proceedings of the II International Conference on Multimedia and Information & Communication Technologies in Education

m-ICTE2003 Badajoz, Spain, December 3-6th 2003

Edited by A.Méndez-Vilas J.A.Mesa González J.Mesa González

ISBN Volume I, (Pages 1-658): 84-96212-10-6 ISBN Volume II, (Pages 659-1335): 84-96212-11-4 ISBN Volume III, (Pages 1336-2026): 84-96212-12-2

Published by: JUNTA DE EXTREMADURA, Consejería de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología (Badajoz, Spain), 2003 Printed in Spain

TONGBO CHEN, MINGCHAO MA, CHRISTOPH MEINEL AND VOLKER SCHILLINGS Dept. of Theoretical Computer Science and New Applications [1] FB IV - Conputer Science, University of Trier, 54296 Trier, Germany. E-mail: {chen,ma,meinel,schillings} Modern information technologies are transforming the way people learn. E-learning provides new possibilities for personalized learning at home or in the workplace, reduces the need for costly classroom training, and enables an optimal balance between traditional and innovative forms of knowledge transfer.But facts have proven that content creation for online courses are timeconsuming and costly. Also most of them are not easy to call up. A simple and efficient solution of content creation for online courses is strongly required. Our new system, tele-TASK [2] - Teleteaching Anywhere Solution Kit, paves the way for these requirements. It opens up a new world of learning opportunities to learners, trainers, course authors, companies and educational institutions. With the help of the new developed system tele-TASK a new, drastically simplified entrance technology for on-line lectures has been reached. From his apartment or office each PC user with a suitable Internet connection can follow online lessons comfortably. Not only contents of teaching, which are presented to the students in the lecture-room by either a whiteboard or a video beamer are delivered but also video and audio of the lecturer. For tele-TASK a special hardware (t-Cube) is now available, which permits the creation of Real or Mpeg4 streams in different bandwidth ranges on the fly. Thus a preinstalled standard player can be used.



The 21. Century is defined by a rapid, medial based development of our communication culture and our knowledge- and information-organization. Against the background of the described developments, also a change of the forms of knowledge transfer as well as acquirement is taking place. Multimedia based arrangements increasingly supplement traditional training forms. Thereby, the self-study will become very important in the future. Today, after graduating from school or university, people are not able to avoid further studies. Lifelong learning is getting inalienable. Parallel to their occupation, people have to do their further studies. By using teleteaching systems like the here presented tele-TASK, those people could be reached. Complete classroom situations can be delivered live and on-demand to the internet including video, audio and the desktop of the lecturers' computer. The system was originally deployed for recording, transmission and archiving of the computer science lecture "Information security in open networks" at the university of Trier in the summer semester 2002. High access numbers express the perfect problem-free and easy possibilities of using tele-TASK. In this semester another lecture titled "Internet Security I – Internet Technology" is being offerd at the University of Trier and simultaneously transmitted to Beijing University of Technology, China. Here Chinese students take part in the lecture via Internet together with students in Germany. Practical testing proves that our solution is successful. In the following, we would like to introduce the new "easy to use" internet based...
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