Advances in Medical Technology

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19 Feb 2008

Advances in Medical Technology

Medical Technology has developed to a great extent over the course of many centuries. Since the days of Hippocrates, considered the “Father of Medicine”, advances in the medical field have brought us into a brave new world. With the advent and application of modern technology, the medical field seems to have evolved more in the last 10-20 yrs than in the previous 1000 years. Recently, new ground has been broken throughout the field, involving medical techniques, surgical procedures, and electronic devices. Such advancements have streamlined the practice and science of medicine in the 21st century.

One form of advancement in Technology that has simplified the record keeping process for Physicians and Nurses alike is the computerized clipboard. According to Steve Kelly of Phillips Medical Systems, “The portable, always connected device is designed to require minimal training and provides significant benefits to the clinical users, helping to reduce medication errors, positively identify staff and patients, fill out charts, capture vital signs, write up reports and validate blood transfusions as well as the ability to closely monitor the healing of wounds (Terry). Terry’s words sum up the benefits of such a device quite nicely.

Another concept at the forefront of Medical Technology is that of Bionics. Bionics involves the engineering of “Synthetic”, or artificial limbs to replace those lost due to accidents or amputation. Bionics, as a whole, is not an entirely new concept. The crafting of synthetic limbs has been practiced for some time, but modern Technological advances have cleared a path for much more realistic, functional, and “smarter” limbs. The I-Limb Hand, made by Touch Bionics, is probably the most recent example of how realistic these limbs have become in their appearance. As stated by Paul Bright of Touch Bionics, “Touch Bionics created the I-LIMB hand in hopes to...
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