Advancement of Video Games

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The Advancement of Video Game Consoles

In this paper I will show and explain how the advancement of video games consoles has changed Humanity in more ways than one. I will show how the inventors started their Empires by selling plain, simple playing cards all the way to online gaming linked all around the world. How Nintendo and Atari started as two of the giants in the gaming world and then how Nintendo almost died out when Sega came out with their console. I will also explain how the video game mindset changed overtime and evolved into something worldwide.

Hanafuda (President) was the name of the very first 52 deck set of playing cards sold by Fusajiro Yamauchi and his Nintendo Koppai. Fusajiro had a bigger plan and dream. This lead to the first Beam Gun made by Nintendo in 1969 (See PIC.1) A new employee to the company by the name of Gunpei was told that he should “Do something new” for Nintendo as the Christmas season was swiftly approaching. Within a few short days, Gunpei introduced the Ultra Hand which was an arm toy. This sold a whopping 1.2 million copies. (Unknown Author, 2011) The Beam Gun was an Opto-Electronics and was the first of its kind. This was the beginning of Video Game Consoles.(Moby Games, 1999-2012) Even though the Beam Gun was a major success, the official “Video Game Craze” would not kick off until 1975, when Nintendo signed a contract to work alongside Mitsubishi and produce the first known Cabinet Micro-Computers also known as Arcade Systems. (Moby Games, 1999-2012) Around this same time two friend’s names Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney would also create their own version of a coin-operated arcade cabinet with a space like theme and called it Computer Space. Both Bushnell and Dabney would become Co-Founders of the Atari Company, Nintendo’s first biggest competition.

With all the success of Nintendo, a second known Video Arcade company would step up to challenge Nintendo in sales. This company was Atari Co. Atari’s first break-through was signing a deal with Sears Roebuck Co. and having their “Atari Pong” featured in Sears Roebuck’s catalog. (See Pic2) The Atari Pong went on to sell over 150,000 units. This set the way for Atari’s most known and most popular creation, The Atari 2600. (Unknown, 2011) The Atari 2600 was released just before the Christmas season of 1977 at $199.99. The Atari 2600 was the first console that introduced Pac-Man and went on to sell well over 30 million units before being discontinued in 1992. While Atari had the 2600 with Pac-Man to play on it, this pair was pretty much the “match made in heaven” but Nintendo didn’t cross their hands and let Atari win over the industry they created. Nintendo introduced the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System, see PIC. 4)

The NES was released in July of 1983 and featured classic games such as Zelda, Tetris, Donkey Kong and the most popular game of them all, Mario Bros. Nintendo showed to be the stronger of the two as the NES went on to sell over 61 million units before Nintendo discontinued the system with the release of the Super Nintendo which was a 16bit unit as to the NES which was an 8bit unit. These two companies would be the only two standing video game companies until Sega Genesis came out in the early 90’s and promised to give Nintendo a good challenge. Sega came out with a bigger marketing scheme and also, a much faster system. By this time, more than 800,000 Nintendo NES units were sold worldwide making it difficult for any company to come anywhere near Nintendo’s sales numbers and simultaneously get the consumer to spend another $150 on a new console that had faster graphics and more life-like sports games. Sega spent a lot of money marketing their Sega Genesis system by bashing on Nintendo’s graphics.

Sega Genesis made several commercials and a slogan stating “Sega does what NintenDON’T” (here is a link to one of the commercials, By the early 2000’s Sega had...
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