Advancement in Cellphone Technology

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  • Published : October 13, 2009
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Reflections Assignment 1
Advancement in Technology/One in Particular
         There is much advancement in technology today, much greater than was available just 10-20 years ago. However, while using the sociological imagination, one facet of technology that has grown tremendously over the past decade has proven to be both beneficial and detrimental. Many would view it as beneficial due to the ease of use, portability, and quick way to communicate. On the other hand, it has proven to be detrimental by its dangers, disruptions, irresponsible usage, and lack of traditional communication. The social problem that is being reflected upon is… hold your breath, cellular phones.          Cellular telephones have evolved to become a huge social problem for all of society today. In fact, it is such a problem that the world today could not operate without it, because, most everyone has become dependant of cell phones. Consider the problem with the lack of traditional communication that exists because of cell phones. Nowadays, many people use their phone to talk for hours instead of spending quality time one on one with each other, face to face. The use of the cell phone in this way is dangerous for the development of good socialization skills. On the other hand, it is a great way to quickly communicate with people far away or in emergency situations. Another concern with the advancement of technology in cell phones is the use text messaging or instant messaging. These “quick notes” to one another often get misinterpreted due to words that are used, without proper tone. Whereas when you speak to someone face to face, you can hear the tone and see the expression they have when they are communicating. Text messaging can be a great tool when used for the purposes of a quick memo to a loved one that you are safe and on your way home, for short reminders regarding an upcoming event or appointment, etc.            Disruptions are quite common and vary widely with the...
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