Advanced System Analysis and Design: Reliable Pharmaceutical Service

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Reliable Pharmaceutical Service: Application and Architecture Plan Brian Blanchette
Advanced System Analysis and Design
CIS 510
Dr. William McConnell
April 20, 2013

With the every changing world of technology in today’s technology driven world there is a pressing need for strategic planning. “Most business organizations invest considerable time and energy completing strategic plans that typically cover five or more years” (Satzinger, Jackson & Burd, 2011). With strategic planning comes a series of questions that need to be asked: Where the company is right now and what can we do to be here in the future? This essay will discuss the future of Reliable Pharmaceutical Service over the next five years.

Application Architecture Plan
Information systems are designed to be a working unit in the companies they are deployed in and if there is to be any discussion of changing this fact there is usually the need to completely revamp the entire network system. This is the case with Reliable Pharmaceutical Service (RPS). The network system has outgrown the requirements of relied upon outside network requirements for streamlined billing. RPS uses several application to accomplish a single billing transaction when revamping the system will allow them to process billing to agencies and individuals of their choice from a single application. This new application architecture plan will incorporate streamlining this and many other areas of RPS in order for them to be competitive in today’s market and expand to other states.

RPS, as stated in the text, is a privately held company incorporated in 1975 in Albuquerque New Mexico. In 1990 RPS expanded its service to include Santa Fe, Las Cruces, and Gallup. This expansion included two twelve hour delivery shifts and was successful in increasing profits until they hit a steady decline in revenue in 2008. The issues being faced are from competition, price controls, and more importantly inefficient operating procedures.

RPS needs to establish a new network system that will streamline ordering, employee requirements, billing, protection of client information, and delivery options to incorporate the already changed requirements of the pharmaceutical profession. With the new network system RPS will become more competitive in the market and rise above the billing challenges set by Medicare and Medicaid.

The new system will be flexible and incorporate updated billing procedures, web/smart phone based applications, several delivery options, an automated prescription filling machine, client information protection, and allow RPS to expand to other areas quickly and effortlessly. Having the ability to accept orders via the web, smartphones and tablets will provide a wider clientele as most clients requesting pharmaceuticals are already using them. Offering other delivery options will bring in more clients i.e. personal delivery, mail delivery, emergency deliveries. With all these proposed changes there is bound to be word of mouth advertisement. With the fast pace at which technology changes the system will be flexible enough to incorporate those changes without a complete overhaul over the next five years.

Having a revamped system in place at RPS they will be able to compete in the market and offer better options to their clientele bringing RPS ahead of the competition. Streamlining billing and offering several delivery options will be the best overall benefits to RPS and will remove the heavy workload that the staff must endure to accomplish simple billing tasks. The time saved with the automated prescription filling machine will allow RPS to expand to other areas with ease. Along with the aforementioned problem the new system will solve the other issues RPS has and allow them to again increase revenue and profit margins while keeping the remaining staff

RPS Pharmaceutical Service Architecture Plan

Technology Architecture Plan

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