Advanced Strategic Management: UGBS 622

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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University of Ghana Business School (UGBS)
2nd Semester, 2012/2013
Advanced Strategic Management: UGBS 622
Course Outline

Lecturer:Dr. Obi Berko
Lecture Time:Wednesdays 3:30pm – 5:30pm

A. Course Overview

The course presents the best practices regarding how a strategic plan should be drawn up by commercial, governmental and not-for-profit making organizations. The core assumption of the course is that in today fast changing global competitive market place, organizations must define exactly what their objectives are. To achieve the objectives, therefore, organizations must decide on a set of critical issues, for example, resources requirements, the strength of the enemy forces (competitor power), the actions the competitors are likely to take, how best to achieve their objectives (strategy), when to attack (timetable for action/action plan), how to ascertain whether or not they are on course with regard to their chosen strategy (monitoring & evaluation) and what to do if plans do not go as expected (contingency plan). In this module, the key strategic frameworks and/models that guide the strategic planning process will be examined in detail. Overall, the module aims to offer the MBA participants an in-depth understating of the key concepts, theories, and frameworks of corporate strategy in the light of best practices.

B. Course Objectives
After completing this course, the MBA participants should be able to: * Perform a rigorous analysis of a company's strategic direction; * Identify and explain a company's mission and vision statements and relate and critique these statements in the light of the company's strategic direction; * Prepare a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis and explain and evaluate the relationship between the SWOT and a company's strategic direction; * Identify and explain all micro and macro forces that shape a company's strategic plan and determine its performance; * Manage and implement project in the light of strategic planning * Identify a business problem and recommend appropriate strategy to remedy the situation; * Analyze and evaluate all the steps for the proper alignment of financial and non-financial resources within a company's strategic plan. * Analyze a company's strategic plan in the context of the industry life cycle and environment in which it operates. * Establish metrics to assess and measure strategic performance. * Analyze and evaluate the company's communication and feedback loop relative to company strategy and performance. * Analyze, evaluate, and develop strategies for a single or multi-business organization. * Assess, analyze, and recommend changes to company strategy based on a full analysis of a company's strategic plan. * Develop and prepare a strategic review document presented in a consistent form to a board of directors C. Course Outcome

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to effectively:

* Lead and guide strategic retreat processes of their firms; * Train trainers and/or practitioners in strategic planning process and management; * Open consultancy firm and offer strategic management and planning services to organizations; * Work in the corporate planning department of any firm (e.g. banks, mining and oil the firms); * Work in any consultancy firm that offers strategic planning solutions to organizations; * Manage their own businesses;

* Serve on boards of organizations.

D. Expected Skills

By participating fully in the course students will be equipped with the following skills:

* Critical thinking
* Organizational
* Research & IT
* Analytical
* Communication
* Interpersonal
* Leadership
* Report writing
* Teamwork

E. Teaching Methods

* Lectures
* Case studies
* Individual & group assignments
* Independent reading and learning of the recommended texts *...
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