Advanced Practive Role Essay

Topics: Nurse practitioner, Medicine, Healthcare occupations Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Advanced Practice Role Essay
Over the last decade there has been a steady decline in primary care physicians’ in the medical profession. The steady decline of primary care physicians’ has increased the need of advance nurse practitioners in underserved areas. This essay will define advance practice nursing in Arizona, describe the role of the Advance Practice Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner, and describe my ultimate career goals as it pertains to the scope of practice of a nurse practitioner. The Arizona State Board of Nursing defines the scope of practice of a nurse practitioner as a registered nurse, who is certified by the board, has completed a nurse practitioner education program approved or recognized by the board, and holds a national certification as a nurse practitioner from a national certifying body recognized by the board, and has an expanded scope of practice within a specialty area (“Statues of the,” 2012). Holding a national certification as a nurse practitioner will allow the advance practice nurse to have an expanded scope of practice within a specialty area that allows him/her to assess clients to manage the physical and psychosocial health status. Analyze multiple sources of data to diagnosis the nature of healthcare problems to implement and evaluate the appropriate treatment including prescribing medications, therapeutic measures, medical devices, and controlled substances within the scope of registered nurse practitioner. Consult with or refer clients to other health care providers when appropriate (“Statues of the,” 2012). Being able to consult with other health care providers and expand my knowledge and expertise as a registered nurse to become a registered nurse practitioner to help clients manage his/her disease process is my number one goal. Working in the hospital as a registered nurse I see many patients come to the hospital not knowing anything about his/her history, or even what medications he/she takes. When I ask patients...
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