Advanced Placement Chemistry: Chapters 4 and 5 Practice Test

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Chemistry AP

Chapters 4 and 5 Practice Test

1. Which of these compounds is a weak electrolyte? 


B.CH3COOH (acetic acid)

C.C6H12O6 (glucose)



2. The balanced net ionic equation between aqueous diethyl ammonium chloride and aqueous
potassium hydroxide contains which of the following species?
B.2 OH-1
C.(CH3CH2)2NH2 (aq)
E.(CH3CH2)2NH2+1 (aq)
3. In the chemical reaction 5H2O2 + 2MnO4- + 6H+ ( 2Mn2+ + 8H2O + 5O2, the oxidizing agent is  A. H2O2.





4. It takes 32.0 seconds for ammonia gas to effuse down a capillary tube. How long will it take for hydrogen chloride gas to effuse down an identical tube under identical conditions of temperature and pressure? A.22 seconds

B.54 seconds
C.47 seconds
D.61 seconds
E.32 seconds

5. 50.0 mL of 0.250 M nitric acid is added to 50.0 mL of 0.400 M magnesium nitrate. What is the concentration of nitrate ion in the final solution? 

A.0.525 M

B.0.263 M

C.0.325 M

D.1.05 M

E.0.0295 M

6. At what temperature will a gaseous xenon tetrafluoride molecule have the same average speed as a fluorine molecule at 15°C? A.200. °C
B.950. °C
C.15 °C
D.600. °C
E.1300. °C
7. 2.00 grams of calcium metal is dissolved in water. What is the final concentration of hydroxide ions if 750. mL of water are used? 

A.0.133 M

B.0.0667 M

C.0.266 M

D.0.792 M

E.0.0500 M

8. A balloon contains an anesthetic mixture of cyclopropane (cp) and oxygen (O2) at 200. torr and 800. torr, respectively. What is the ratio of the number of moles of cyclopropane to moles of oxygen?

ncp/no2 = ?


9. Oxygen gas, generated by the reaction 2KClO3(s) → 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g), is collected over water at 27(C in a 2.00-L vessel at a total pressure of 650. torr. (The vapor pressure of H2O at 27(C is 26.0 torr.) How many moles of KClO3 were consumed in the reaction?

A.0.0790 moles
B.0.119 moles
C.0.0527 moles
D.0.0813 moles
E.0.0440 moles
10. The balanced net ionic equation for the reaction between aqueous ammonia and aqueous nickel (II)

nitrate contains which of the following?

A. [Ni(NH3)4]+2 (aq)

B. 2 OH-1

C. 2 Ni+2

D. Ni(OH)2(aq)

E. 2 NH3

11. The balanced net ionic equation for the reaction between aqueous ammonia and aqueous carbonic

acid contains which of the following?

A. NH4+1 (aq)

B. CO3-2 (aq)

C. H2O

D. H3O+1(aq)

E. Both B and C

12. What volume of H2O(g) measured at STP is produced by the combustion of 4.00 g of methane gas (CH4)?

A.5.60 L
B.11.2 L
C.22.4 L
D.33.6 L
E.44.8 L

13. A 3.31-g sample of lead nitrate is heated in an evacuated cylinder with a volume of 1.62 L. The salt decomposes when heated, according to the equation

2Pb(NO3)2(s) → 2PbO(s) + 4NO2(g) + O2 (g)

Assuming complete decomposition, what is the pressure in the cylinder after decomposition and cooling to a temperature of 300 K? Assume the PbO(s) takes up negligible volume.

A.0.380 atm
B.0.228 atm
C.0.0342 atm
D.1.38 atm
E.0.780 atm

14. A 4.32 gram sample of a certain diatomic gas occupies a volume of 3.00-L at 1.00 atm and a temperature of 57(C. Identify this gas.

15. The balanced net ionic equation for the reaction between aqueous...
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