Advanced Metal Forming and Casting

Topics: Yield surface, Yield, Von Mises yield criterion Pages: 4 (923 words) Published: July 10, 2010


1. Introduction

2. CAE 1 : Create a simulation model and analyze the stresses and strains in the sheet material.

3. CAE 2: Create a simulation model and optimize the depth of drawing.

4. CAE 3: Analyze the influence of an anisotropic hardening parameter.


The aim of this project is to give deeper knowledge in metal forming and hands-on experience in FE-simulation methods by creating two simulations and analyzing the results obtained.

Simulations reduce cost and lead time by reducing the trial-and-error process.

The program used for solving this project is LS-DYNA.
LS-DYNA is a general-purpose, explicit and implicit Finite Element (FE) program used to analyse the nonlinear dynamic response of three-dimensional inelastic structures. This program is being used by the automobile, aerospace, construction, military, manufacturing, and bioengineering industries.

CAE 1: Create a simulation model and analyze the stresses and strains in the sheet material.

The material properties of the Alumina sheet, the initial element formulation and the forming operation are given in order to be able to solve the task.

This figure show the final geometry of the hat profile which should be produced.

We have completed the simulation model following the parameters given. After running the simulation the first time we realized that we need to make some changes because the movements of the parts were not the correct that we were expecting. We studied the simulation again and we found that the problem was the constraints of some of the parts so we changed them to get the correct simulation.

Figure1:Parts of simulation Figure 2: sheet

Looking at the mesh in the deformed part of the sheet, we can see that it can be redefined so then we can get more...
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